LuAnna: The Big Night In!

Saturday 30th May 2020 8.30pm fans....our loyal LuFanians....our sell out ‘LuAnna: The Tour’ may have been merely postponed until Covid 19 naffs off but fear not, we are not only still here every week with our LuAnna: The Podcast, but we’re also bringing you our exclusive pre-tour taster to help get us all through this tricky time.

So this Saturday the 30th May we’ll be doing it all again ....our 4th Big Night In!! We can’t thank you enough for joining us each and every time ... we promise to make this another great night in together.

As always you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh and we’ll be nattering about the latest stories and anecdotes of the week, answering your live questions, and bringing you our LuAnna chats rants and bants....straight to you EXCLUSIVELY from our living rooms!!!

Who will win the sing-off? Who will have to do the dreaded forfeit? And what’s the special surprise this week!?

So get the kids in bed, grab a glass of fizz, maybe even change out of your ‘corona-wear’ - and join us for a totally glam interactive night in.

Sign up now and join Luisa and Anna, Saturday 30th May 2020 8.30pm for LuAnna: The Big Night In.

10% of proceeds go to our fab heros of the NHS